Blues boss: I'll still have final say

15 October 2009 12:02
But he is willing to listen to advice from the likes of former England winger Steve McManaman - an executive director of Yeung's company Grandtop International Holdings - and Yeung's right hand man Sammy Yu, a former manager of Hong Kong.[LNB]McLeish has been promised money to spend during the January transfer window by Yeung who will stage his first press conference since taking over at St Andrews on Thursday afternoon.[LNB]The former Scotland boss said: "Will I have the final decision on team and transfer targets? It will be down to me.[LNB]"That is the normal remit of a manager and we will pretty much be working that way.[LNB]"I'll take all the advice. If there are players Sammy suggests, or people like Steve McManaman come up with names, and I think they will enhance the club, then fine, absolutely.[LNB]"I will see what Steve has to offer. I don't know how much he has kept in touch with his Spanish contacts because that is a good market.[LNB]"I think Steve is a fine bloke who has a lot of experience so why not use it?[LNB]"There might be 99 per cent of the time when I say 'I don't fancy it' but that one per cent might make the difference."[LNB]McLeish has welcomed the news he will have money available to spend in January after a lack of signings 21 months ago led to Blues being relegated at the end of the 2007-2008 campaign.[LNB]He said: "We still have to realise we are not a Manchester United, Manchester City or Liverpool. We will still target a certain type of player.[LNB]"We are not going to target an Emmanuel Adebayor but there are players out there I know will enhance my first eleven we will try to attract."[LNB]Yu, whose title is 'vice chairman football' will be based at the Wast Hills training ground but McLeish is happy with that arrangement.[LNB]He said: "There are no suggestions that the new owners will appoint a director of football but Sammy Yu is kind of verging on that kind of title.[LNB]"I think the new board will have a base at the training ground and Sammy will work closely with me. That is fine. He is part of the big picture here."[LNB][LNB] Barclays Premiership. Click here to bet.  

Source: Team_Talk