Belgium - The Dark Horses Of The World Cup

17 June 2014 09:00

We are nearly at the end of the first round of matches in the 2014 World Cup and one thing is certain; with all the teams playing of their skins to gain wins for their nation, to try and go through to the knock out stages with ease, we are seeing a wonderful World Cup. Gone are the boring draws of recent tournaments. Gone is the playing at playing the beautiful game. In their place is a strategy to win the thing and it is totally refreshing to see.

Fans across the world have their favourites for this event; some will say the South American teams like Argentina and Brazil will win, and who would bet against them? But around the corner comes a team that has been in the making over recent years; that team is Belgium. So could Vincent Kompany lift that trophy at the end of the tournament? Could this be the year when a team that has been questioned for so long finally takes the title and the glory?

It is possible when you think of some of the players they have in their team. Consider the likes of Adnan Januzaj, of Manchester United. He has had a good season, resulting in goals and a bright future once Louis Van Gaal gets his hands on him. Born and schooled in Belgium, he is able to win games for his team. Then there is Vincent Kompany, born in Brussels from a Belgian mother and a Congolese father, whose experience at Manchester City stands him in good stead to lead the team to future glory.

Another player in the news this last season has been Romelu Lukaku, whose father played an attacking role in the Democratic Republic of Congo at one point. As a striker he can be lethal. Along with Mousa Dembele, Axel Witsel, Nacer Chadli and Marouane Fellaini, they have a team that can win this tournament. They also have a team that is packed with experience at the very top levels. Couple that with the addition of play makers like Edin Hazard and you have an instant recipe for success. It will be interesting to see how they play together when their time comes to open their account.

All good footballing fans across the world await their input. Can they emulate the Germans, French and those Argentinians in their opening game? Will this be their time? They may not have been known as a powerhouse in World Cup football over the years, but one thing is certain; sooner or later, they will win it. Let’s see if 2014 is their year, the year the dark horses of the tournament win!

Source: DSG