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FINAL SCORE: England 3 x 2 Andorra (a.e.t)


By: Liam Close 08 Jun 2009 10:40:44

FINAL SCORE: England 3 x 2 Andorra (a.e.t)

England snatched their first victory at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in heart-stopping fashion. Giancarlo Giancovich’s extra-time winner is good for 2 points and a barrel full of confidence to face powerhouse Russia tomorrow. England Team # PLAYER (Starters) 1 Reading x 4 Bowen 5 Bowes © x 6 Rodriguez 7 Funnel x 8 Day 9 Brown 10 Giancovich x 11 Blake x 12 Webb Head coach: Jamie O’Rourke Referees: 1st Fabio Polito (ITA) 2nd Mikhail Prokharau (BLR) 3rd Sylvain Palhies (FRA) 4th Libor Kastanek (CZE) SCORE CHART: Goal Scorer;Time left #10 Giancovich (ENG) 7’48 #7 Godoy (AND) 0’41 #11 Blake (ENG) 0’43 #7 Godoy (AND) 0’47 Extra-time #10 Giancovich 2’46 Quote Giancarlo Giancovich (England striker) “The Andorrans defenitely didn’t make it easy it on us, we did make hard work of it. We knew they’re a good side and that it was going to be a tough game. I think we had a lot of chances that we should have finished and not allow them to take the game into extra-time”


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