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England Team Announced


By: Liam Close 20 May 2009 11:11:28

England Team Announced

The England Team to travel to Spain for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers is as follows: 1. Andrew Reading (GK) 12. Sam Webb (GK) 4. Justin Bowen (DEF) 5. Terrence Bowes (DEF) 6. Jonny Rodriguez (DEF) 7. Gary Funnell (FOR) 8. Mitchell Day (FOR) 9. Stuart Brown (FOR) 11. Dean Blake (FOR) 15. Steve Black (FOR) 19. Jamie O'Rourke (DEF) Speaking with the England Manager Jamie O'Rourke, he talked about the potential of the relatively new members of the team and our chances of making it to the FIFA World Cup in Dubai '' The team has gelled well in a very limited amount of time, this is partly down to the fact that we have been able to spend a bit more time on and off the sand at Butlins and partly down to the attitudes and personalities of the players. The new comers to the squad have adapted well to the sand and each player has added a different quality to the team.'' '' As to how far this team can go, well only time will tell. When they run out for the first game in the World Cup Qualifier in Spain it will be the first time some of the players have played a competitive Beach Soccer match let alone their first international match, so we shouldn't be expecting miracles. But once they have a bit more experience behind them as a team I think we can expect some positive results in the future. Having said that, I will be disappointed if we don't at least match last years achievement of reaching the final 16. We will have had 4 training sessions together by the time we travel to Spain, something that has never happened before, so in that respect we are better prepared than ever.'' noticed a couple of key players missing, most notably GC Giancovich and Chris Attwood, GC the leading light for the England team for so many years is having work related issues that enable him currently to travel, while Chris Attwood who shone on last years National tour and has been one of the stand out players from recent training weekends has broken his foot.


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