Hoops-fan Schweini could have switched to basketball

21 February 2012 06:46

Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger had been ear-marked for a cross-code appearance to play for Bayern Munich's basketball team last year, their coach has revealed.

While Bayern Munich is synonymous with football, the club also has a basketball team which plays in the German league and their coach Dirk Bauermann has revealed how he wanted soccer star Schweinsteiger to play for them in 2011.

As a basketball fan, Schweinsteiger and his model girlfriend Sarah Brandner are regular at the Bayern's home basketball games and the German star has shot hoops before with the Munich team.

"With five games remaining, we won the championship (in 2011) and Bastian Schweinsteiger could have actually played for us at the time," Bauermann wrote in his new book, which has been serialised in German daily Bild.

"The idea was discussed with our sponsors Adidas.

"It would have been great fun, but above all, it would have shown how Bayern tick: after only a few months there is a close relationship between the footballers and basketballers."

The idea of Schweinsteiger, who has made 90 appearances for Germany, crossing codes never got off the ground as the football club would not allow one of their star players to get injured playing another sport.

"The fact Schweinsteiger would not play for us was ultimately one of common sense, imagine if he he was knocked down or injured," wrote Bauermann, who has coached the national team.

"There were just too many unpredictable risks."

Schweinsteiger is currently injured after damaging ankle ligaments playing for Bayern, who face FC Basel on Wednesday in the first-leg of the Champions League Round of 16 tie.

Source: AFP