Bayern, Dortmund proof of financial models - Platini

16 May 2013 09:16

Champions League finalists Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are proof that clubs do not have to spend beyond their means to achieve success, UEFA president Michel Platini believes.

The head of European football's governing body said the German sides, who meet at London's Wembley stadium on May 25, were an example for other clubs to follow.

"You don't have to make losses and shortfalls to be in the Champions League final. It's the proof that you can have a clean, virtuous, moral game that everyone wants," Platini told AFP in an interview in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

"Yes, the Champions League finalists are model pupils, they're not in the red, they've got good stadiums and what's more they're winning. It's a very good image."

Concern about heavy spending, particularly at major European clubs, prompted UEFA to introduce Financial Fair Play rules, threatening tough sanctions, including suspension from European competitions, for sides that spend more than they earn.

The rules are designed to ensure a more level playing field and prevent wealthy clubs from having an unfair advantage over smaller sides.

Platini assessed that the rules had prompted a change in attitude among clubs to get their finances in order and that no club, no matter how big, would be exempt from punishment.

Spanish side Malaga, beaten quarter-finalists in this year's Champions League, were the first major casualties of the system.

Last December, the Qatari-owned club's failure to pay players and other clubs on time saw them banned from European competition the next time they qualify.

They could face a second year-long ban if they fail to honour their debts, although Malaga have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Source: AFP