Are Bayern Munich the new Barcelona?

23 April 2013 04:08

This Barcelona team is the greatest football team to ever play the game. They play such salivating football week in, week out. I can guarantee that in every Barca game, there is a moment of brilliance that makes you utterly speechless.

Impeccable passing moves orchestrated by Xavi and Iniesta, topped off with a god-like finish by Lionel Messi is usually the end of the tale. But I think they’ve finally met their match.

Bayern Munich have completely demolished everyone in their path this year. They secured the Bundesliga title with 6 games to go, boasting a 75+ goal difference with 9 of them coming in just one game.

Comfortable wins in the Champions League against Arsenal and Juventus have made them favourites to win this year, despite the presence of the two Spanish giants.

The odds for tonight’s game at the Allianz Arena are in favour of the German giants. With Messi not at full fitness, and without implying Barca are a one-man-team, it just doesn't seem that Cesc Fabregas has the quality to fill in at the highest level in Europe.

Fabregas was truly uninspiring against PSG, his talents only appear to show against teams like Mallorca. It’s hard to imagine Dante being nervous against the former Arsenal wonderkid.

If Messi is fit, then I’d expect Villanova to start the four-time Balon d’Or winner. But even he might find this a tough task as the Allianz is something of a fortress nowadays, but an away goal could sway the tie in Barca’s favour.

The midfield battle in tonight’s game will be where the game is won or lost. Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez versus Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets. The loss of Tony Kroos through injury is a big blow for Bayern, as he is the source of their passing fluency.

Munich have come along way since last year’s defeat to Chelsea. The signing of Martinez and Madzukic has turned them in to not only a huge physical threat, but they have some deadly finishers in that squad.

With Guardiola taking over soon – and Mario Gotze getting in on the fun next season, this Munich outfit could very soon brush Barca aside.

Source: DSG

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