Tykes concerned for staff safety

28 October 2009 03:08
South Yorkshire Police have confirmed a total of seven fans were arrested at Oakwell, while the Football Association have launched their own investigation after visiting fans rampaged through the North Stand concourse.[LNB]Eight catering staff were trapped inside a food kiosk and had to barricade themselves in a store room to escape the violence as fans broke in, stealing money and food and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.[LNB]Rowing insists Barnsley now have no alternative other than to install grills in all visiting bar areas to protect their staff following the incident that marred United's 2-0 win.[LNB]He said: "Last night I was disappointed, today I'm very angry.[LNB]"We have pre-match briefings with the police, stewards and clubs before every match and look closely at every risk assessment.[LNB]"But last night's incident came out of the blue. How do you legislate for the behaviour of idiots?[LNB]"What concerns me is not so much the damage, but the way these thugs treated our young staff.[LNB]"Manchester United in general have very well-behaved fans and set good examples, but last night there was a minority group hell-bent on causing trouble because they could not have what they wanted.[LNB]"We did not allow the sale of alcohol at half-time and they couldn't accept our decision.[LNB]"The real Man Utd fans have apologised to our staff and it happens so rarely, but we now have to address the situation.[LNB]"The machinery can be replaced, but with staff it's more difficult to do that. We need to offer them more protection and will be putting grills up.[LNB]"It's a shame in our society that we are controlled by small groups. It's mob rule and we have no option other than to protect our staff in future behind iron bars.[LNB]"The cost of the damage will run into thousands of pounds, but it's not so much that as the effect it has had on our catering staff."[LNB]A South Yorkshire Police statement said: "Police responded quickly and effectively to a spontaneous disorder caused by a small group of people that had gathered near to the central bar on the North Stand.[LNB]"Officers in protective uniform were deployed to restore order, disperse the crowd and ensure the safety of staff inside the area."[LNB]Two men aged 22 and 24 were arrested for public order offences, a 26 year-old-man was arrested for theft and a 32-year-old man was arrested for throwing a missile onto a football pitch. All four men are from Manchester.[LNB]In a separate incident, three Barnsley fans were arrested for running on to the pitch during play.[LNB]An FA spokesperson said: "There is no place for anti-social or violent behaviour in our game.[LNB]"Any culprit found to be involved in these disturbances and identified as such by either the police or clubs should be subject to a lengthy ban from attending football matches."[LNB]A Barnsley spokesman added: "Scene of crime officers are down here now going through the North Stand and we're proceeding with our own investigation as well.[LNB]"It's a hell of a mess down there. Doors have been kicked in, tills have been damaged and there's food and drink everywhere. It looks like a swamp in one of the bars."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk