Reds Go Over The Hill

24 May 2011 07:54
Search continues as Rochdale manager rules himself out Barnsley’s search for a new manager has been cast wider after Rochdale boss Keith Hill ruled himself out of the running today. The Reds board spoke with 42 year Hill this week but after deliberating with his family, Hill ruled himself and his assistant, former Preston midfielder David Flitcroft out of moving to South Yorkshire and when talking to BBC Manchester confirmed they would both be remaining at Spotland. He said: "The most difficult thing to turn down was the chance to manage in the Championship. "Nothing has gone wrong it is just down to choice. We've decided to stay at Rochdale because we are ambitious but we're also happy in our work here."  "Barnsley is a big club, historically it is a big club as well. "I've been in discussions with the owners at Barnsley and they've been really, really good and it's been enlightening. "On this occasion it just wasn't right for me. I've done a lot of deliberating over the weekend you know what myself and Flicker [David Flitcroft] are like, we analyse, deliberate and then we make a calculated decision. "There shouldn't be this misconception that we're desperate to leave Rochdale, we're not. "We work for good people, we've created a very good team, we work in an excellent environment and it will be difficult to leave if and when the right opportunity presents itself."