Reds Dinner Gets Barnsley Chop!

29 April 2013 07:33
Award bash axed due to lack of interest.

Barnsley have been forced to take the embarrassing step of scrapping their end of season awards dinner after managing to sell just 57 tickets.

The annual bash is usually an opportunity for supporters to see the players collect their end of season awards but this year there has been such a lack of interest that the club has been forced to cancel it for the first time in 50 years.

Director Don Rowing said:

“It is a real shame but we only sold 57 tickets. There is nothing more we could have done; there just wasn’t much interest."

"We normally sell 160 to 170 tickets for the event and we even reduced the price from £60 to £50. It’s embarrassing but I think these dinners are a thing of the past.”

Source: TykesMAD