Don And Dusted

03 June 2013 05:53
Rowing To Retire

Barnsley director and current General Manager Don Rowing is to retire this summer, at the age of 70.

Rowing joined the board in 2004 and took over the day to day running of the club when Gordon Shepherd gave up the chairmanship in 2008.

But with the arrival of former Manchester United director Maurice Watkins as chairman in July, Rowing has decided to step down and head into retirement.

He told the club’s official website:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Barnsley and will miss working with the staff and my interaction with the fans. I have particularly enjoyed working with Patrick, but as his involvement with the club has gradually diminished and with my recent 70th birthday, I think it’s time to blow the final whistle. I will continue to support the club as a season ticket holder and wish the club and its fans every success.”

Rowing has steered the Oakwell ship for the last five years due to the continued poor health of owner Patrick Cryne and has often being the voice piece for the board.

Cryne also spoke to the official website saying:

“Don has been the unsung hero at the club. In his position you draw fire for all the poor decisions made within the club, but get little credit for the good work done. His workload has always been phenomenal and yet he has discharged it completely. I regard him as a good friend and wish him a long and fruitful retirement.”

Watkins is due to take over on the 1st July.

Source: TykesMAD