Bogdanovic: Fans have part to play

22 June 2009 11:37
The Malta international, who played in front of crowds of 300 earlier in his career, is thrilled by the size of attendances in the Championship, but insists not only the players must be on their best behaviour. He said: "We only had a lot of support in Malta when the national team was playing. That is not the case here in England and the support is great. "Football is a happy game. Everybody says players should set an example for kids on the pitch because they are role models. "I agree with that, but do you not think that supporters inside the ground should set the same examples and think the same way? At the end of the day they are part of the team as well. "We all should try to make the game better because, you never know, maybe our sons and daughters will do and say the same things we did one day."

Source: Team_Talk