Harrison happy with Bees record

25 May 2009 03:32
The Underhill club announced early into the 2007/08 season that only their captain would be allowed to speak to the referee in a bid to prevent themselves from being fined by the FA for bad behaviour. Their initiative has worked with only two players being booked for dissent while 12 players escaped caution all together. "Originally, we didn't do it as a respect for the referee campaign," Harrison said. "We did it because for the two seasons before we'd been up before the FA. We were getting major fines and they were being passed on to the players. "We said to ourselves, whatever happens, the referee makes a decision and we get away from it. We started getting results that way. "We've only had two bookings for dissent all season and they weren't for swearing at the referee. They were throwing an arm or kicking the ball away, which in a whole season of hurly burly football is not bad."

Source: Team_Talk

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