Pep talk is subdued

25 April 2012 07:47

Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola feels his side could have done nothing more to overcome Chelsea and reach the Champions League final.

The Catalans winless run stretched to three games at the Nou Camp as Chelsea somehow overcame John Terry's first-half sending off to secure a 2-2 draw and progress to the Munich finale.

Guardiola seemed shell-shocked when he made his late appearance at the post-match press conference, and said: "The first thing that crosses my mind is huge sadness. I think we played exceptionally well and we have done everything we could to reach the final."

He added: "Finals are great but we will have to watch this one on TV and I have to congratulate Chelsea because they were great defensively speaking.

"I think we failed because we did everything we could but we couldn't score [another goal] and football is about scoring.

"They scored at key moments but having said that we have worked very hard to get here and there is always this possibility.

"You can win and get the trophy or you can lose and today we lost.

"Our last three games we have played well but it was not enough.

"The opposition was always there, very defensive and good on the counter-attack. Two years ago against Inter Milan it was very difficult for us to score, but this season we did everything we could but we didn't score.

"They were able to score and I need to congratulate them, but I have this feeling that sometimes football is like this."

Source: PA

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