Obsessive Almeria stun Xavi

05 October 2009 07:27
Xavi was unhappy with Almeria's defensive tactics in Barcelona's 1-0 victory against the La Liga minnows on Saturday evening. Almeria coach Hugo Sanchez told Jose Chico to mark Xavi and employed extremely cautious tactics, to the Barca midfielder's dismay. "I suppose we will have to get used to it," he said. "It's a shame that they came here to pack their defence. I've never been marked like that. It was madness, obsessive. "Even when they had the ball or when I was going to take a corner they marked me. "Coach Pep Guardiola told me to use the wings to create space so that Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi could get the upper-hand in the middle. "I practically had to leave the game. It was very boring for me."

Source: ESA