Barcelona - AC Milan Match Preview

03 April 2012 12:11
Barcelona - AC Milan 3rd April 2nd Leg Champions Quarter Finals

The goalless draw at San Siro was celebrated by the Italians as a win, and rightly so. You could argue that Milan have the upper hand tonight, as either a win or a draw with goals would see them through to the Champions League Semi Finals.

Allegri said "Without a doubt, Barça are still favourites to win the Champions". the Italian reckons "When  Barça and Milan play, it has great appeal since they are two of the most important clubs right now" He then went on to say that he thinks that whoever  wins this match will most likely reach the final.

Barcelona's manager, Pep Guardiola said he has "a feeling" that Milan will score. "We have to find a way to generate opportunities because if they have to defend with eight in the box, they will". He is aware that the Italians could sense them home tonight since "they generate goal opportunities they defend really well and have fast players for any counter-attacks" He also has some words for the people that underestimate Messi - if there is any "I hope Messi scores, he will need help to find spaces but be careful because they say Messi doesn't score against Italian teams, we will see what happens".

If Barcelona get through to semis, it will be their fifth consecutive semi final, something Guardiola considers "an achievement in itself" and added "it is one of the things I'm most proud of".

The current champions haven't lost any games at the Camp Nou in any competitions so far this year, and they haven't seen a loss at the Camp Nou in 52 official matches.

In Allegri's mind, the seven times Champions League winners will have to play "paying a lot of attention and courage, Milan has similar characteristics to Barça, but playing against them makes you do things differently".

Barcelona and Spain midfielder Xavi hasn't participated in the last two training sessions has still made the provisional list for tonight's game, Guardiola will not know until tonight if he will actually play.

Thiago will miss today's match due to injury, and van Bommel is also out, but Pato will make a comeback tonight following an injury.

No doubt Milan will play Italian style football, think back to when Mourinho's Inter played at Barcelona, and you'll get the picture. And considering that in yesterday's training session at the Camp Nou, Allegri made players practice penalty shots, we will probably see a really defensive Milan tonight.

Which ever players both teams bring out, knowing that Barcelona need a win, and the Rossoneri can get through in a draw with goals, this definitely the match to watch.

Source: DSG