Fernando Llorente set to leave Athletic

15 August 2012 10:09
It's been an agonising couple of weeks for Fernando Llorente, but in the end the Athletic Bilbao striker has decided he will not renew his contract with Marcelo Bielsa's team, which ends next summer.

Athletic Bilbao president Josu Urrutia has said "Llorente will not renew his contract, but Athletic are not looking to sell him", Urrutia said he will not negotiate for the Spain striker, his clause sands at 36million.

Josu Urrutia defends Athletic Bilbao's philosophy "We don't have the world's greatest players in terms of skill, but we do in terms of hard work and commitment to the team". He continued to say "16 million Euros wouldn't console me, we are not a selling club. Our aspiration isn't to make money out of players, we prefer them to want to finish their career at Athletic Bilbao".

This could be precisely one of the reasons for Llorente's departure. The 27 year old wants to go to a team where he could have a likely chance to play Champions League and other top level competitons. With teams like Arsenal or Juventus after him, every day that passes it looks less likely that Fernando Llorente will stay at Athletic Bilbao.

Source: DSG