Match fixing scandal rocks Serie A

02 April 2012 12:54
Match Fixing Scandal Rocks Italy's Serie A

Andrea Masiello, who plays for Atalanta has been arrested for his supposed implication in a match fixing scandal that has rocked Italian football.

Atalanta's right back is just one in a long line of footballers that have been arrested in the ongoing probe, other players being investigated for supposed match fixing include Cristiano Doni (Atalanta), Daniele Portanova (Bolonia), Alessandro Parisi (Torino), Marco Rossi (Cesena) and Simeone Bentivoglio (Sampdoria).

Investigators believe that Massiello, when he was in his former team Bari, was involved in match fixing, and that he supposedly received 300,000 Euros (£250,000) for scoring an own goal in the Italian derby against Lecce which they won 0-2. This loss would eventually spell out relegation for Masiello's team.

Now investigations are underway for the matches that Bari played against Chievo, Sampdoria, Bolonia and Cesena.

Overall, in February two people were arrested, Mario Cassano, keeper for lower division Italian team Piacenza and Angelo Iacovelli, who has a close relationship with Bari. These arrests come after 16 people were arrested in June 2011 and a further 17 in December of that same year.

Atalanta, currently in Serie A, have been penalised be having 6 points taken away from them by the Italian Sports tribunals while Chievo has reached an agreement in which they paid 80,000 € (£66,000) for "objective responsibility" in the case.

Source: DSG

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