O'Neill slams 'crazy' times

11 January 2008 11:25
Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill believes English football has gone "crazy" following Sam Allardyce's departure from Newcastle United. O'Neill has revealed his amazement that the former Bolton Wanderers manager was given only eight months to turn around the fortunes of the Magpies before leaving on Wednesday. "I sympathise with Sam. It's absolutely crazy," he told the club's official website. "If you were put into a job in the city and asked to turn things around and someone thought enough of you to be able to do it, the first thing you'd ask for is time. "You'd say 'this won't change overnight' and 'you can't wave a magic wand'. Everyone would give that particular person time to do the job. "But with football, it's absolutely out of hand. It's so crazy now." O'Neill also believes the current situation which has seen eight top-flight managers lose their jobs since the start of the season is much worse than in previous times. He added: "When I was a player, managers were getting sacked but they were getting two years in the job. Now it's two minutes. "In Sam's few months, he might not even have found out the correct strength of the reserve side. He might have players injured that he doesn't know much about. "I know that by my experience at Leicester, Celtic and even here. The minute you come in, you're in charge. "I was going to a friendly game at Hannover and exactly two weeks later, we're taking on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. "The players don't know you and it takes a while to gel. You don't get time in football - it's done for. There's no such thing."

Source: ESA