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HATCHET MAN: Barry's Anfield switch will end up with him playing full back (when he's not dropped) a

30 Mar 2009 08:13:43

HATCHET MAN: Barry's Anfield switch will end up with him playing full back (when he's not dropped) a

Gareth Barry looks almost certain to join Liverpool in the summer - and it promises to be a one way road to disaster. Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill has said he will not stand in the midfielder's way if his club don't qualify for the Champions League. With only a year left on his contract Villa would have little choice if Barry doesn't sign a new deal, and with the club willing to sell Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez can call the shots. I'll be in the same team as you next season (when I'm not being rested): Gareth Barry gets in some practice at lagging behind Steven Gerrard That should give him Barry at a much reduced price to the ludicrously inflated fee of £16 million quoted last summer and will, apparently, also leave the player with a significantly weaker hand. Benitez has finally conceded that Xabi Alonso is a good central midfielder and reportedly wants Barry as a utility player (ie not first choice), playing wide and even as a full-back at times.   More from Hatchet Man... HATCHET MAN: Giving Kinnear an back seat role at Newcastle is as ludicrous as giving Hughton a front seat one in the first place30/03/09 HATCHET MAN: So who is asking Hiddink to stay at Chelsea if Kenyon isn't? 30/03/09 HATCHET MAN: It can only be in Wayne's world where, snarling, fury and abuse is being perfectly 'in control'30/03/09 HATCHET MAN: FA hit new low with Middlesbrough's paltry fine27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Time to end predictable player of the year voting and look at things objectively27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Robinho's team mates aren't as bad as Manchester City's wayward Brazilian's attitude27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Deluded Alonso's plain wrong to say Liverpool are better than United27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Memo to Capello: Tell Almunia he'll never play for England and put him out of his misery 26/03/09 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE In which case Barry can wave goodbye to his England and career prospects. He has built his reputation on his central midfield role and holds well for his country in a way few others can. With squad rotation at Liverpool and Benitez's apparent lack of knowledge of the full-back position (see some of his purchases for that role) it could be a torrid time for a player who is said to want to better himself.


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