Young: I don't want to leave Villa

22 May 2010 03:51
uke Young has admitted he would leave Aston Villa with a heavy heart after claiming he wasn't given a "fair fight" for his place last term.

Young found himself behind centre-back Carlos Cuellar for his specialist right-back role for much of last season and has been told he can go if the price is right.

The 30-year-old insists he doesn't want to leave but fears his days are numbered.

"I've been fighting for my position but it never seems as if it's been a fair fight," said Young.

"I don't want to leave Aston Villa because it's a great club, but I don't know what more I've got to do to get into the team.

"I feel fitter than I've ever felt, I'm in the shape of my life and I think my form has been good whenever I've played.

"Other than the Chelsea game, when the whole team had a nightmare including me, I think I can hold my head up high about all of my performances.

"It just seems that however hard I work in training or however well I do in games that I don't get judged by the same standards as some players.

"The reception I got when I came on in the final game of the season was great.

"The fans have been fantastic and it was great to get that reception when I came on in the last the other week. I've always got on really well with the fans and that's another reason I'll be sad to leave."

Source: Team_Talk