Young: Dunne has been 'massive' hit

08 February 2010 01:00
Since joining Villa from Manchester City in the summer, Dunne has been a major part of their push for a Champions League spot and Young believes his 'never say die' attitude has rubbed off on his team-mates.

"We are enjoying defending at the moment," Young told the Birmingham Mail. "You see the ball drops in the box and there are three or four players trying to block it - nine times out of 10 Dunne blocks it, but we're all there just in case he doesn't!

"I think he's played a massive part since coming to the club and settling in like he has. He has been fantastic in pretty much every game he's played.

"He's an old-fashioned centre-half. He's like a magnet.

"Everything seems to land to him or he's always there and in the right place at the right time."

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Source: Team_Talk