Milner 'Unhappy' at City

08 July 2011 11:39
They may or may not be true, but there are rumours circulating that James Milner is unhappy at Manchester City. This could be the prime opportunity for Alex Mac to swoop in and bring him back to Villa Park. Recent speculation about him being a target has gone quiet recently, but if the rumours of Milner’s unrest transpire to be true then it is an opportunity too good to miss. Milner is generally seen as a better player than even Ashley Young, so to see him hold up the claret and blue once again would be a massive boost for all. Playing him behind Benty would be a lethal combination, and would more than likely translate to the international team. Villa notoriously have a good showing in the England team, and Milner’s England prospects would be massively improved with weekly first team football. Of course, there is every chance that Milner is perfectly content at City, chilling out in a hot tub full of warm champagne and fifty pound notes. However, his determination and passion whilst at Villa would suggest that he is not happy keeping Mancini’s bench warm. He seems the kind of player that wants to play and not to watch. And, with the continued influx of big name signings, his chances to progress in that team are not looking too good. Come back home Jimmy, to a hero’s welcome.