McLeish - Opinion Poll

15 February 2012 01:58
There is no doubting that there is a lot of animosity towards the former blues manager, not least because of the current league placing, but opinion is still largely divided.

The McLeish hate camp will immediately claim that opinion is not divided, and that Sunday's protest is a clear indication of that, but in the wider fan base there is a difference of opinion.

I can see it from both sides. The defensive style of play is not making full use of the best assets in the squad, it is dull to watch and it is clearly not working. However, on the other side of the coin McLeish has been working with restricted funds and is coming off the back of a turbulent couple of years in managerial terms.

I also heard on the radio on Sunday that apparently McLeish's record thus far is better than that of Houllier or, surprisingly, Martin O'Neill. An interesting point. Perhaps some Villa fans are looking for McLeish to fail because of his previous club. Understandable, but perhaps not a widely held opinion.

He could turn it around, or he could take Villa down to join the bluenoses (hopefully not passing them on their way up). He could take us to the Champions League in five years, or be hounded out of the west midlands forever.

I have set up a quick poll which simply asks whether McLeish should stay or go. Now, I would make it clear that he will not go anywhere. It would cost too much money and would expose Lerner as incompetent.

It could also be a massive mistake in getting yet another manager in (who will have the same budget restrictions). It may be that a change of ownership is required rather than a change of manager.

So, although the hate crowd shout the loudest (and they are entitled to do so), they may not be the majority. That is the aim of the poll. It will be interesting to get a definite indication of how divided the opinion is.

Feel free to comment on the board afterwards to offer your justification.

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