Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher hails Gerard Houllier as his inspiration

07 September 2010 10:45
Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has revealed the manager he'd most like to style himself on is Aston Villa boss in-waiting and former Anfield chief Gerard Houllier.

Carragher, who is now into his 15th season in the Liverpool first-team, has long been linked with a future in coaching due to his passion and encyclopaedic knowledge of the game.

Enlarge Enlarge  I want to be like you: Carragher has expressed deference for former boss Houllier who managed the Reds between 1998 and 2001

Houllier was in the dug-out at Carragher's recent testimonial and he admits he would like to emulate his former boss, he says he wouldn't travel the world to fulfill his managerial ambitions

He said: 'If I did become a manager, of all the ones I've had, I'd probably be most similar in style to Gerard Houllier. He used lose his temper a little bit - I think I'd lose mine as well.

Inspiration: Carragher embraces Houllier ahead of an England game in 2004

'Everybody thinks that I'm 100 per cent going to be a manager, but I'm not certain. You only have to look at Roy Hodgson to see that some of them have to go all over the world here, there and everywhere.

'I have a young family and I'm not sure whether they'd appreciate that. I'm not sure either whether I'd enjoy it because I like being at home in Liverpool close to everyone I know.'

And he admitted his recent experience at the World Cup helped him see at close quarters how high-profile managers such as Fabio Capello operate.

'You just pick up little things, how they react in certain situations,' Carragher said. 'There were a lot of things happening at the World Cup and it was interesting to see how he dealt with pressure rather than from a football or tactical side.

'Capello's a brilliant coach. You only have to look at his CV to appreciate that.'

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Source: Daily_Mail