Is Willian the key to a Rooney, Mata swap for Chelsea and Man United?

24 August 2013 10:06

Jose Mourinho has again brought the magic back to Chelsea with the acquisition of Willian Borges da Silva from Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala. Let’s face it, players want to play for the 'Special One' and Tottenham has just found this out the hard way.

But what does this mean for Chelsea and its future line up? Adding Willian to an already strong midfield just doesn’t make much sense unless there is another move to come which would free up a spot. Chelsea’s mid-field is full of quality attacking mid-fielders such as Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Oscar along with a few others. So again, where will Willian fit in to such a side?

Over the last several weeks, Chelsea has made several bids to bring Wayne Rooney to Stamford Bridge. First Chelsea offered money and now it is speculated that Chelsea has sweetened the offer by throwing Juan Mata into the pot. Mourinho has denied this several times but yet the rumor continues to grow. With the addition of Willian, could this “rumor” have any truth t it or is there something else going on in the head of Jose Mourinho. Mata is at the top of his game while Rooney is starting to show the wear and tear of all the football he has played over the last decade. A Rooney for Mata swap just doesn’t make much sense.

Another thought is that all the “Wayne Rooney” talk is nothing more than Mourinho being Mourinho. By stirring up things at United by unsettling Rooney, Mourinho is doing nothing more than causing headaches for David Moyes. May this be nothing more than Mourinho trying to get at Moyes before their big clash on Monday? As with all rumors and speculation; time will tell, but I for one, am betting that Mourinho is up to his old tricks and Moyes is gaining valuable on the job training.


Source: DSG