Houllier won't ignore doctors

17 July 2011 10:55
Gerard Houllier says he feels a sense of "unfinished business" after his exit from Aston Villa, but he won't ignore the doctors' advice.[LNB] Houllier ended his nine-month spell in charge at Villa Park after missing the end of the season following chest pains.[LNB]Having experienced heart problems during his time with Liverpool, he accepts he may have to follow doctors' advice if they counsel against a return to the dugout but would have liked to continue at the midlands club when fit again.[LNB]"We had a case of unfinished business (at Villa)," he told Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme.[LNB]"There was an option of leaving the team to Gary McAllister, who was my assistant, and I would come back in September but the chairman and owner wanted to go another route and I have to respect that. We left on good terms, no acrimony.[LNB]"At the moment I just want to make sure I get fit again and then we'll see. But I will follow the doctors' advice and if the advice is not to get back into management I won't.[LNB]"The strong advice was not to go back to business until the end of September but they are happy with the recovery."[LNB]Houllier, who worked as the technical director of the French Football Federation before taking over at Villa, has suggested if full-time management is beyond him he would consider a less hands-on role within the game.[LNB]"I will still definitely be linked with football," he said. "It is my life, it is my oxygen and if I have to be involved in another way then I will."

Source: Team_Talk