Houllier relaxed over Young situation

22 October 2010 02:50
Aston Villa manager Gerard Houllier is "quite happy" for winger Ashley Young to delay talks over a new contract until next summer.[LNB] The Frenchman is conscious of Young "needing to know about the ambition of the club" before deciding on his future.[LNB]Young had intimated earlier this month that he was ready to commit his future to Villa, while Houllier was confident a contract would be signed "sooner rather than later".[LNB]But the player has announced that he wanted to concentrate on his football and any talks over a potential new deal would not happen until the end of the campaign.[LNB]The England international will then have only 12 months remaining of the four-year deal he signed in 2008.[LNB]Houllier, whose side visit Sunderland on Saturday, said: "I am quite happy with what Ashley has said.[LNB]"He loves the fans here, he enjoys his football and, since I've come here, he very much enjoys the way he is progressing.[LNB]"I am quite happy with what he has said, that he wants to concentrate on his football and talk about it (his contract) at the end of the season.[LNB]"At the end of the day he is not in the same situation as Wayne Rooney was because he re-signed a contract two years ago so it is a bit different.[LNB]"I am happy. He looks happy. He is fine. He enjoys his football and you know when you are not happy, you don't improve.[LNB]"All I can see is he is a major part of our team but also a major part of our atmosphere and is lively and jovial. We like that, the way he behaves."[LNB]But Houllier admitted: "A lot of things can happen, I can understand that.[LNB]"I've been here just over a month. Maybe he needs to know more.[LNB]"He needs to know about the ambition of the club but he knows he is a key part of our future and that's it."[LNB]Houllier insists his target is to make Young into a proven international player with England.[LNB]He made his full competitive debut in the Euro 2012 qualifier with Montenegro at Wembley 10 days ago.[LNB]Houllier said: "I've always said he is not a proven international player but I want him to step up and I think he can do that and be a regular international player.[LNB]"There is a different level between the Premier League and international football.[LNB]"He is on the fringe of the national team and I would like him to be one of the regular starters for the national team.[LNB]"For that he needs to improve a few aspects of his game, which he is very focused on. That is good.[LNB]"All I know is the target is to get him to another level, to make him progress and improve and he has got all the attributes for that.[LNB]"He is a clever player, he has the desire to win, he works hard, makes goals and scores goals and he is a very good team player. A star player must be a team player - a star team player."

Source: Team_Talk