Downing - Make Him Stay

21 June 2011 04:23
Now that the mania surrounding the managerial post is subsiding a little, it appears that the transfer speculation is heating up again. I can understand Ashley Young wanting to leave, and I can understand the Board wanting to make some money rather than watching him walk away for nothing. However, I am perplexed as to why there is constant mention of 'persuading Downing to stay'. Correct me if I am wrong, but he has two years left on his contract. That means we can keep him for another season and still sell him on next summer if he continues to act like a turncoat. I respect Ash for saying throughout last season that he was going to speak about his future at the end of the season, but not long ago Downing was pledging his future to the club. He claimed he was happy, and indebted to the club for investing in him when he was an injured crock. Now that he is at full fitness, suddenly his ambitions want to take him elsewhere. He's a disgrace, and there is no way I would allow him to leave this summer. I would make him stay and fulfil at least another year of his contract. Since when do contracted players need to be persuaded to stay? They should be bound to the contract they signed, and face a penalty if they don't. No doubt his blood-sucking agent is playing a part in this, but Randy should stand firm and refuse to sell. If he has the ambition he claims to, refusing to sell his best players is the most important message to send out. If Downing complains, he will lose his place in the team and his stock will deplete by the time the next transfer window rolls around. He will not want that if he has Champions League aspirations, so he will play his best. The clubs need to take some of the power back, and players need to start showing some real allegiance to the club paying their wages. Downing - show some gratitude and remember what you said a few months ago.