Davies explains Villa celebration

12 January 2009 10:10
"It was good, I manage to score the hard ones but I miss the sitters," he told BBC WM. "I've missed quite a few chances lately, so it's unlucky for West Brom that it has come against them." The muted celebrations after the goal did not spare Davies some good-natured stick from the Baggies' fans he left behind when he moved to Villa Park in the early part of last season. "That is part-and-parcel of the game, they did give me stick, but I'm not going to bite on that because I've got my own feelings towards the club and I still like the club, so I wish them well." Villa are ahead of Arsenal in the race for the fourth and final place in next season's Champions League, and they stayed ahead of the Gunners despite never hitting their top form against West Brom. "I think that's the sign of a good team really, when you're winning games and not playing at your best," Davies said. "If we can play to our potential and do better I don't see why we can't stay amongst it."

Source: BBC_Sport