Competition is Required

21 August 2012 11:02
There are several good things to take from Villa's performance at the weekend, but there are issues that were highlighted on Match of the Day.

The first one, specifically about Villa, was said by Alan Shearer. He correctly pointed out (and it is a point that many Villa fans share) that apart from Darren Bent it is difficult to determine where Villa’s goals are going to come from.

Whilst having talent, Weimann is not established enough and Delfouneso is not a prolific goal scorer. Gabby is currently injured and although adored by the Villa fans for his loyalty, he does blow hot and cold in front of goal.

The most important point was raised by Lawrenson, when he said that clubs have to bring in new players in order to keep the competition in the dressing room.  Where strikers are concerned, this is an issue for Villa. With only one big goal scorer in the dressing room, Bent knows he will play pretty much every week if he scores or not. The ‘bigger’ clubs have other strikers snapping at their heels, ready to take their place on the team sheet.

Take Man United for example. They have Rooney and Van Persie, but with Hernandez and Berbatov behind them. Who is behind Bent at Villa? There is no denying his goal scoring record, but Villa desperately need a Defoe or a Carroll behind him to keep him on the ball, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Lambert would be the first to admit that options are required up front, but in what is left of the transfer window, will Randy Lerner financially back our promising new man at the helm? If he is going to, he should do so shortly, otherwise the Villa ‘boo boys’ will start shouting.