Collins vows to prove Terry wrong

09 April 2010 05:20
James Collins has vowed to prove John Terry wrong in Saturday's FA Cup semi-final after the Chelsea skipper said Aston Villa tire in games.

Terry intimated that Villa tire in the later stages of games after Chelsea's 7-1 thrashing of Martin O'Neill's side at Stamford Bridge only a fortnight ago.

Collins has promised Villa will use Terry's words as an extra motivation as they seek revenge for the mauling and attempt to reach their second final of the campaign.

And the central defender points to Villa's overall healthy record against Chelsea as a reason for optimism.

Collins said: "You always want to try to prove people wrong in football.

"We had a little chat about it and thought it was quite a strange comment Terry came out with but we can use it to show Chelsea we are fit enough and we will give them a game.

"You can say anything after you have won 7-1 and people will take notice of it. They've looked at something and think we do tire but we are in this to try to people wrong.

"The boys certainly don't feel tired. We do think it was a strange comment so it will give us an extra incentive on Saturday.

"We certainly feel fit and we showed that on Saturday at Bolton in holding on to the 1-0 lead late on.

"It is extra motivation for us which we can feed on and overall Villa also have a decent record against Chelsea."

Collins is also driven on by wanting to put right the "hurt" of Villa's mauling and, on his twitter page after the game, the Welsh international said he was "embarrassed" by his performance.

He said: "It wasn't a great day for myself personally, and as a team, so I thought I'd say a little something on it.

"I had some great support on there (twitter) when I played well and people were writing some nice things so, if I don't play well, it is up to me to say so.

"I'm my own biggest critic, I'll always be first to say if I haven't played well and that's what I did. I think most people on our side would have been embarrassed and I admit I didn't play well.

"I was at a level I was happy with going into the game and to drop that performance out of nowhere was strange."

Collins added: "The defeat really hurt. Any team which gets beat by that number of goals will hurt.

"We put it out of our minds quickly and got a great result at Bolton last Saturday which helped morale and the way we are feeling.

"I can't wait for the semi-final with the disappointment of two weeks ago still fresh. We will be looking to put that right on Saturday.

"It is going to be as tough as two weeks ago so we have to perform well.

"But I remember Alan Hansen saying Liverpool scored nine goals against Crystal Palace at Anfield in a league match and then got beat by them in a cup semi-final a few months later."

Source: Team_Talk