Aston Villa forced into double training as Gerard Houllier gets tough

09 October 2010 10:44
New Aston Villa manager Gerard Houllier has introduced doubletraining sessions so his players are fit enough to embrace the passinggame he wants them to adopt.

The Villa squad are undertaking fitness work in the mornings andthen technical work in the afternoons as the Houllier revolution beginsto take shape after nearly a month at the helm.

Double trouble: Gerard Houllier wants Aston Villa to do two-a-days

The former Liverpool boss is putting emphasis on players doing more running when in possession of the ball - and they can only manage this effectively if fit enough.

Villa defender Luke Young said: 'We've had double training sessions with fitness work in the morning and more technical football in the afternoon.

'I think the manager wants us as fit as we possibly can be and we have no complaints.

'If I was a manager, that's exactly what I would want as well and the lads are enjoying it.

'We're just glad to get the morning sessions out of the way so at least we can have a bit of football in the afternoons. It's been good. Everything is being taken on board.'

Young, who has been given a new lease of life under Houllier, added: 'The manager didn't want to change everything straight away.

'He wants to implement his ideas slowly. You don't want to come in and rock the boat too much. "I think that's the right way. We're slowly seeing changes, though - and hopefully that will benefit us in the coming months.'

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Source: Daily_Mail