Aston Villa boss Gerard Houllier can take us into the top six! Club's director does a U-turn

16 December 2010 10:47
Aston Villa director Charles Krulak has attempted to make peace with new boss Gerard Houllier after criticising his conduct at Anfield.

General Krulak - a Vietnam veteran - angered Houllier last week by joining in fans' criticisms of him applauding the Kop after Villa's 3-0 defeat.

But he now insists Villa can finish in the top six, and win a place in Europe.

The new man in charge: Houllier watches his Villa side at Liverpool last week

Krulak said: 'Our expectations and desire to strive forward are as strong, if not stronger than ever.

'We have a superb manager who is working hard to get us where we all want to be.

'There is no way I would discount us placing sixth. We have a fine squad and Gerard Houllier and the coaches have done a fine job.

Fan-tastic: Liverpool fans remember Houllier

This is a far cry from his strong opinions last week after the game at Liverpool, when he said: 'What I don't know is what was going through his mind at the time.

'Those who are looking for Gerard Houllier's head have the right to feel that want.'

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Source: Daily_Mail