Enrique defends Osvaldo punishment

03 December 2011 03:16

Roma coach Luis Enrique has defended his decision to suspend striker Pablo Osvaldo, making him unavailable for the trip to Fiorentina on Sunday.

Osvaldo allegedly punched team-mate Erik Lamela following last week's 2-0 defeat at Udinese.

Roma confirmed there had been an incident and revealed they were banning the Argentine-born Italy forward from this weekend's game against his former employers.

And Enrique was unrepentent despite Osvaldo being the team's top scorer this season.

"The easiest thing would have been to fine the player, take his money and forget everything," said Enrique.

"Osvaldo is the striker who has played the most minutes this season but we have a squad and I've made the choice that we want to be a real team.

"One that suffers when it loses and has fun when it wins but is always respectful.

"I don't want such facts to be repeated and the first rule in any team is that everyone respects everyone else.

"Osvaldo is a good lad with a big heart but everyone must understand that you get punished for such things and that punishment also hurts the team.

"This is not a dictatorship, there are three behaviour rules that apply to every group.

"It's not the case that if (Ahmed) Barusso (who is out of favour for having refused a transfer and currently on loan at Livorno) does it he's punished and we hang him from a tree but if (club captain Francesco) Totti does it we lay out the red carpet.

"They're good footballers but the rules apply to everyone and that includes me.

"We represent a society, a club, amazing fans. It's a shame for Osvaldo, I know it's an important game for him in Florence for sentimental reasons.

"I'm sorry for him but the rules must be respected."

Source: AFP