Will all of Arsenal's big spending plans come to nothing?

09 July 2013 02:15

When you’re the sort of club that has a reputation for watching the pennies, with a frugal manager who always has his eyes on not overspending, and then you launch some big money bids, there’s always going to be a few cynical types questioning your commitment to get the deal done, rather than merely publicise the pursuit. In the next few weeks, Arsenal could be facing that sort of comment at the moment.

There will have been great excitement amongst the Gooners when the club was linked with approaches for Rooney, Higuain and Suarez. With Giroud remaining less than totally convincing as the focal point of the arsenal attack, acquiring such a player would not only address this need, but also elevate the club back into being genuine title contenders. To date however, all the speculation has resulted in nothing.

The Rooney saga looks likely to drag on for a while, but with other clubs such as Barcelona, PSG, and Chelsea in England now also expressing an interest if the England international becomes available, the chances of Rooney moving to the emirates is diminishing with each passing day.

The tabloids had lauded the Higuain deal as being on the verge of completion for a while. In fairness, even the player’s father had stated that he was looking forward to seeing his son play in England. Of late however, with new Los Merangues manager Carlo Ancelotti now in place, there’s doubt as to whether Madrid actually want to sell the player, and the club president has announced that no bid has been received for the Argentine. It seems therefore that even if the deal does materialise, it’s likely to be some way down the road before it happens.

The bid for Suarez is certainly an interesting departure. The reported bid of £30million (BBC, Telegraph) was probably never going to be remotely likely to persuade Liverpool to come to the table. Clearly, it’s sensible to start low and work your way up, but all the bid has done is to provoke similar interest from other clubs; Chelsea and Real Madrid for two. Others may follow.

Clearly, it’s entirely possible that Arsenal remain committed to making the at least one of the big money purchases that they have been linked with, but until that happens, there will always e the cynics throwing out the “leopard” and “spots” analogies. Personally, I think it’s harsh to be so cynical. After all, not many Premier league cubs have spent big yet – Manchester United, not at all in fact. All Gooners fans will need to show a measure of patience and like the banners say, remember that in “In Arsene we trust.”




Source: DSG