Will Alexis Sanchez prove to be a good signing for Arsenal?

28 July 2014 03:13

It remains to be seen if Arsenal’s recently over 30 million pounds move for Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez was that a good move.

Sanchez is a young and fast right footed forward that is also very quick when running with the ball. His recently acquired strength has help him been able to hold and turn with the ball and make tremendous through balls to other forward running attackers. These characteristics have made him one of the greatest forwards around the world, but maybe, those are not the things that Arsenal should be looking for.

According to my football notes, processed by personally designed performance analysis software, Arsenal team managed to work very well in the three offensive midfielders line, with good “touching the ball” players, like Rosicky, Ozil and Arteta, and other great running players, like Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain, while the main failure in the team performance was clearly up front, in the central striker position. Here, Giroud failed to cope Van Persie’s place by an awful holding of the ball, and a very uneven shooting and finishing, having great performances against minor teams, but not in the more important matches or circumstances whatsoever. This was also clear in last World Cup. In my opinion, Liverpool would have been a better place to fit Alexis Sanchez characteristics over the football pitch. Alexis will probably perform well in Arsenal this season, but I doubt that Arsenal will perform well enough.

Source: DSG