Why Arsenal will qualify for the Champions League

By 06 February 2013 10:26

Arsene Wenger will be wiping the sweat of his forehead at this precise moment with the thought of not winning a Trophy since 2005 and the imminent Champions League last 16 ties. Arsenal haven't been the silverware winners they once were for sometime now with major changes occurring in the squad and no experienced leaders on the pitch.

Arsenal have undeniably been playing at a level that football fans are not used to. The Gunners have been losing too many games and therefore not putting enough points on the board to appear like they are going to challenge their rivals for a Champions League place. However as I have stated throughout the season, Arsenal will finish in the top 4 without a doubt.

The top 4 used to be an area of the table that was rarely challenged by 'outsiders in the Premier League but with the introduction of foreign owners and huge inductions of money, more clubs have been able to.progress and challenge, take Manchester City for example. They were a team who hadn't won a major piece of silverware in decades but then their fortunes changed with wealthy Middle Eastern business men buying the club and then 'splashing the cash'. They have managed to win a Premier League title and the FA Cup in the past few seasons thanks to money but it is now seen as crucial to survive.

Arsenal are a club who don't like to let money out of their pockets but the entrance for the money is always open. They have sold their best players which include the likes of Nasri, Fabregas and not forgetting Van Persie but they seemed to have the same reason for changing. To win! Arsenal are also charging astronomical prices for tickets with tickets for away fans hitting a staggering £62 which is bonkers when you add on travel costs and all the other costs that the away fan encounters. Maybe they are doing all of this to pay off the bills for the Emirates stadium but this is unlikely as they are always creating profit. They managed to pick up Podolski for around £11 million and he was one of the best forwards in the Bundesliga, when you care that with Sunderland who signed Steven Fletcher for £12 million who wasn't the best striker in the Premier League last season by far, you can see Arsenal get bargains. Money is one reason they will make it to the Champions League, because they know how to deal with financial pressures and constraints.

Further reasons for Arsenal getting to the Champions League next season is Arsene Wenger. The man is a managerial maverick! Pressure doesn't bother the as he knows how to deal with it. Arsenal were in the same position last season and went on to win 7 out of 8 games to push them into 3rd. Arsenal Wenger was actually named manager of the decade from 2000-2010 I found out today which I wasn't very surprised at. The man has done so much for the Gunners since his appointment in the mid 90's but the silverware has dried up.

Arsenal have quality, hard working players now that are determined to work for the club and it's supporters. I don't think there has ever been a stronger set of players in terms of passion, determination and relationship with the fans in Arsenal illustrious Premier League history. However the turnstiles at Arsenal have dropped rapidly this season which is quite frightening for the Arsenal directors but I think the second half dash in this 2012/13 season will bring all the fans back and put Arsenal in the 2013/14 Champions League campaign.

Obviously another way for arsenal to make it is to go and win this seasons Champions League but with Bayern Munich in the last 16, it won't be easy.

Source: DSG