Why Arsenal should not buy David Villa

19 February 2013 09:16

Throughout the January transfer window and even part of the summer transfer window many publications speculated over the transfer of David Villa to Arsenal. A player with such a pedigree that he would fit into any team but why wouldn't he fit in Arsenal team?

The Barcelona striker has struggled in his short career at Barcelona with injuries after a horrific leg break last year. Barcelona spent a lot of money to find a short term replacement in Pedro but the winger put in such great displays that the former valencia striker does not get a look in. A striker of his standard should not be looking at the pitch from behind the manager but should be looking with the pitch at his feet.

This is why Arsenal appeared to be looking at signing him but that deal only got as far as transfer fee negotiations which in the football world these days is seen as just the start. But I'm sure Arsenal wouldn't even buy him in the summer. There are many reasons for this but let's start with his age.

David Villa at this current time is a deteriorating 31 years of age; the current Arsenal crop have an average age of 4.25. Okay maybe I'm being a bit cynical of Arsene Wenger transfer policy but their squad is very young and that is because they want to develop for the future. I personally think that it is a great strategy because they are always generating more money and in this day and age people talk about trophies being a priority but really it is financial stability that is important.

Take Manchester United for example; They are leading the way in the Premier League this season and should win it this season based on how they've performed but and it's a big but, how are they doing financially?

Their debt is literally astronomical which was putting pressure on spending but the only reason they're surviving is their fan base. It is one of the biggest for any sporting team on the planet, mention Manchester United in any country and the majority of people will know what you are on about.

Back to Mr Villa. The Spanish international is also on such high wages at Barcelona and if Arsenal want him, they'll have to match or better them. Now why would financially successful Arsenal want to pay over £10 million to get a player that is 30+ and on extremely high wages? Not to mention his position.

David Villa is seen as a striker or a winger or wherever the 'gaffer' will play him. Where will Arsenal.play him though? If Walcott and Giroud want to play up front for Arsenal then obviously Villa can not play as a striker. If he wants to play on the wing he'll have to compete against The on fire Podolski and the up and coming Oxlade-Chamberlain. So as you can see there is a lot of competition for places in the Arsenal side and really, I don't see a place for Villa. Oh wait. I do. The bench.

Arsenal are better off buying a better Centre back because that is the epicentre of turmoil in the Arsenal team. If they want to buy a player who's going to have a high resale value then why not Raphael Varane from Real Madrid who recently scored in the La Liga Classico or even the Greek central defender Papadopoulos.

Source: DSG