Wenger welcomes Cesc rest

17 January 2009 11:48
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he has concerns about new skipper Cesc Fabregas suffering from burn-out, but is confident of managing the situation correctly. The 21-year-old Spain international is currently sidelined by a knee injury and says he is enjoying a break from the game, having already racked up well over 200 appearances for the Gunners. Wenger told the club's official website: "Yes, I am worried about burn-out. "But, first of all, it's not normal because Cesc is an exceptional talent and, secondly, he has said this because he is out through injury and is analysing what has happened. "But when he refreshes mentally then he will remember that he was fit to play every game, he was capable of playing and wanted to play in every game. "One thing I must say is that I gave him a complete four weeks of holiday after Euro 2008. He finished on the 27th of June and came back on the 23rd of July. "I have the experience of players going to big competitions, they go to Championships, win them and become heroes. "Mentally it takes time to recover and you have to get back to normal and get your hunger back, but we gave him four weeks holiday."

Source: ESA