Wenger wants new support

22 April 2007 01:48
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is hoping to be able to bring in a man of his choice to replace former Gunners vice-chairman David Dein. The long-serving Dein left the club last week after a boardroom disagreement over a possible takeover of the Premiership club, leaving Wenger shorn of the support of one of his closest allies. "There will definitely be a director of football coming and it will definitely be my choice," Wenger said after the 2-2 north London derby draw with Tottenham Hotspur. "That is something I will be looking at soon. At the moment I am doing both jobs - the one that David Dein used to do and my own. "I was in a good position before, because I would handle the football side and David would do the ugly stuff, the business. "Now it's all down to me. It's difficult because that side of it is very time-consuming."

Source: ESA