Wenger slams exiting Flamini

07 May 2008 02:36
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit out at midfielder Mathieu Flamini, who has opted to leave the Gunners in the summer to join AC Milan. The 24-year-old France international has agreed a four-year contract with the Rossoneri, leaving Wenger disappointed at the lack of loyalty shown by one of his side's key performers. He fumed: "I must say I am disappointed that he did that, but legally he can do it. "But I hope that 95 per cent of the team, the core of the team, says 'come on, we have only just lost'. "And it is just, because we were leading at Manchester United, we were leading at Chelsea and we were leading at Liverpool in the Champions League and every time we just lost a little bit of focus and lost the game. "Let's come back and show we are winners. That is the real target of the team. "We were close this year, but we did not win and what I expect from my team is that, if you are a winner, you say 'let's come back next year and win'. "If our players are not capable of doing that and just want to walk out for bigger contracts, for me that would be the biggest disappointment. "If you are a winner you say 'you beat me now in a game, but give me a chance to come back and beat you'. That's what I expect of a team. "If they cannot do that then it means I was wrong completely in my whole judgement of this team. "That would be the biggest disappointment for the club, not only to not win this year, but to not be capable of coming back together."

Source: ESA

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