Wenger impressed by Walcott

13 May 2008 07:14
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes that Theo Walcott is close to becoming a regular starter for the Gunners. The 19-year-old forward has impressed in the closing weeks of the season for Wenger's side and the Frenchman has been impressed by Walcott's efforts. He said: "Theo started the season as a promising young player and he has finished the season as a guy who is ready to fight for a regular place in the side. "The next step for him is to be a guy who can produce regularly performances and efficiency. "I am very hopeful because he can be decisive. He is sometimes maybe too much in and out of the game, but when he is in, he is completely in. "He is a player who is decisive and in his mind he plays to be decisive. "Of course, when you play in midfield, you cannot always be decisive, you have to contribute as well to the defending and the attacking. "It is not what he likes the most, that's why I believe in the future he will be more a central striker. "But for him, education wise, it is fantastic for him to play first in the middle because he has to work for the team. "He has to run back, he has to close down and still keep his potential to go in behind the defenders and make a decision at the right moment."

Source: ESA