Wenger cool about cash flow

23 May 2009 11:59
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has refused to be drawn into discussions about how much money he has to spend in the summer. Rumours have suggested that Wenger could be armed with as little as £13million to strengthen his Gunners squad, but the Frenchman would rather keep quiet about the funds available. He said: "If I tell you I have £250million, every player I call will cost three times more. "When I am manager of a club I do with what I have available and you have never heard me complain about the money that was available. "But as well I do not accept people think that I am stupid enough to have £100million at my disposal and put it in the bank, because I am scared to spend it. "Considering transfers and the money available, the less you talk the better it is. Let other people talk and you do what you want. "I believe the more everybody shuts up inside the club and does not talk about anything and works hard, that is the best."

Source: ESA