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Wenger: 'Overall Olympiacos Deserved To Win'

08 Dec 2011 21:40:23

Wenger: 'Overall Olympiacos Deserved To Win'

Arsene's post-Olympiakos comments...

"It was a fantastic experience they realise what intensity that you need at this level and some young players have shown good things, but there was a bit of lack of experience and maturity in midfield where you need to hold the ball better when we were under pressure."

"We had the early chances, but Olympiacos played a very committed game and made a good battle. We lost too many balls in the first half and overall became a bit insecure."

"We could sense there was something more at stake for Olympiacos than us, and that made a difference. Overall Olympiacos deserved to win, but unfortunately for them it is not enough to qualify."


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