Wenger: 'We could have scored at least six'

14 December 2013 05:56
Arsene's post-Man City comments.

"It was a difficult game. We had the best defence in the league and we conceded many goals today. Honestly, we could have scored at least six as well, it was a very open game.

"I think we made too many mistakes. Our strength until now was our defensive discipline but that went as the game went on.

"We were in a position where we could see the legs were tired a little bit and we had to run after the score. What hurts me more was that we had the opportunity to put Man City at nine points and now they are three points behind.

"That is very different. That is a team that was not unbeatable today."

"I don't want to look for excuses after a defeat like that but it doesn't help. I said before the game I would not use it as an excuse and I won't do it now, but it was not ideal.

"You could see we were not as fresh as we should be for a big game."

"They are one of the teams to beat, but not more than any of the other ones we have played until now. We have played Everton, who were as good as City, and Southampton, who were as good as City."

Source: Arsenal World