Wenger: 'We are on a run'

30 March 2013 11:10
Arsene's post-Reading comments.

"Gervinho's performance was very strong. He was always dangerous, always looked like he could score, gave assists and scored himself. I believe that sometimes Gervinho has lost confidence because he played in a very negative atmosphere during a period. Strikers need confidence, and with his game, even more.

"He was always taking the ball and going forward, and provoking. When you lose confidence, that is a very dangerous game then. When he has found the confidence back, he's a very dangerous player.

"At the African Nations Cup, for me he was the best striker there. He is the type of player who is difficult to find, because they always go at people."

"I enjoyed our technical side, our creative side, our spirit and how disciplined and focused we were. The regret you have is that there were more goals in this game than the number of goals we scored.

"Overall, it's a good basis to finish the season well. Let's just keep that spirit, that attitude and play the football we want to play."

"What we do is we look at the table and we are still behind Chelsea and Tottenham. We are not in a calculation mode. We can just win our next game and continue to do what we do at the moment.

"We are on a run so let's take care of the quality of our game and that run. After, we'll see where we stand.

"Champions League qualification will be less predictable than it was predicted. We have a word to say in that and we want to give our best to do it."

Source: Arsenal World