Wenger: 'There is a positive energy in this team'

15 September 2012 08:29
Arsene's post-Southampton words.

"In the first 45 minutes we were at a particularly high level. We had a good combination of pace, speed of our passing and quick combinations. The movement was excellent.

"We were quite lucky as well because they conceded two own goals, but overall I think it was a level of continuity with what we have shown at Liverpool.

"The game was very interesting to watch. We lost a bit of urgency in the second half, but that is human. We controlled the game and remained serious.

"It is a big week coming up because we go on Tuesday to Montpellier, then on Sunday we play at Man City. We have two interesting weeks coming up because we play Man City, Chelsea and Montpellier in the Champions League.

"We know much more about the team. There is a positive energy in this team - a desire to play, a desire to play well together and real team play so it is very exciting."