Wenger: 'Ozil gave a lift to everybody at the club'

22 September 2013 09:50
Arsene's post-Stoke comments.

"I believe that once he is completely integrated we will see even more of him, but he has shown today that he is a great player. Ozil is a player, when you look at his numbers, the assists are not a coincidence, it is just the reality of his game.

"You could see today he has a good pace as well. At the moment he focuses a lot on his passing, but he can create individually as well."

"Ozil gave a lift to everybody at the club and, for the rest, it will be the quality of our teamwork and our team play that will decide that.

"The only thing of our position at the moment is that we are in a position where we can focus on improvement in a stable environment, so that is a good basis. For the rest, in the table everyone is mathematically together.

"We have shown again another aspect as well, that we can dig deep and fight when we are a bit under pressure. When the third goal went in, we just kept the result."

"We have to rotate the squad because we play again on Saturday at Swansea and after that we have a massive home game in the Champions League."

Source: Arsenal World