Wenger: 'Maybe we can surprise you'

01 September 2013 11:40
Arsene's post-Spurs comments.

"I am not against spending money, but I want to add super quality to our squad - or not.

"Tottenham got a lot of money for Bale, they have to invest it - I understand that. The need is different for us, we need one or two super players and we will try to add that. We have 24 more hours, so maybe we can surprise you. Maybe not, but I am confident."

"It is a little bit like a domino game. Maybe something will happen in the last 24 hours, maybe not. It is very difficult to predict."

"I am not against spending. I am ready to pay what we can afford, even if it is a bit over the market value and as long as it is not crazy,"

Source: Arsenal World